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About Dropkick Murphys

Bringing all the attitude of both Boston and punk rock, Dropkick Murphys shows are non-stop adrenaline and full-throttle music. With their electric shows so wildly popular, it can be tough to snag cheap Dropkick Murphys tickets. Get yours here to rock out with these punk demigods at a concert near you!

The perfect blend of Boston, Ireland, and punk
Banding together in 1996, Dropkick Murphys blazed a new trail in punk with their Celtic slant. In 1998 they unleashed their debut full-length album, Do or Die. Dropkick Murphys built a devoted fan base with extensive touring, their performances the epitome of unrestrained punk. Dropkick Murphys got mainstream exposure when their music was including in various video games and movies, including NHL 2005, Fever Pitch, and The Departed. "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" has become almost an anthem of the city, with the Boston Red Sox blasting it several times during the 2007 MLB championship. They quickly became festival favorites at fests like Warped Tour, Download Festival, and Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, and their annual St. Patrick's Day shows have become the source of punk legend.

With a new album in 2017, fans are eager to see if Dropkick Murphys will test out new material in their live shows. Snag your cheap Dropkick Murphys tickets today to join in on the unstoppable raw fun of a live Dropkick Murphys concert!

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