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About Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove

Originally known as Disney on Ice Presents: Disneyland Adventure, Treasure Trove is one of Disney's largest productions in terms of its huge cast of characters from a wide range of Disney classics. From Cinderella and Peter Pan to The Incredibles and Tangled, over a dozen Disney classics are on display through song, dance, ice skating displays and pyrotechnics. Produced by the one-and-only Walt Disney Company, Disney on Ice has been bringing the magic of Disney's most beloved characters, storylines and musical numbers to live audiences by way of a stunning ice show featuring some of the world's most talented skaters and performers. Each show features a diverse cast of characters from the Disney and Pixar canon, including musical numbers sure to get you and your kids singing out loud. Combining Disney classics with ice performers has been a winning equation for Disney for over twenty years, inspiring audiences young and old to rediscover anew just what makes Disney so magical, in addition to the thrill of seeing and hearing their favorite characters live and in-person (or in-mouse. A true treasure trove of Disney fun, Disney on Ice is the perfect way to give your loved one the gift of a little bit of magic. Find cheap tickets for Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove while they're available.

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