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About Diamante Electrico

Diamante Electrico is a rock band that was formed back in 2012 in Colombia, South America. The group consists of three different members including Daniel Alvarez who plays guitar, Andee Zeta who plays the Bateria, and Juan Galeano who plays the bass and handles the lead vocals. Over the years, this rock band has skyrocketed in popularity. They have taken part in more than 250 performances at a variety of important festivals throughout South America. This has led to a rapid rise in its popularity. Given their popularity, the group has expanded its reach and has started performing in the United States as well, giving many people the opportunity to hear this group perform live. The group will be going on tour in 2019.

A History of Diamante Electrico

Diamante Electrico was first formed in 2012 in Bogota, Colombia. The members all became interested in music at a very young age. The group started performing locally and derived inspiration from a variety of fields. These include Blues rock, Punk blues, and Garage rock. The blend of these styles has contributed to a truly unique sound that has attracted the attention of a wide audience. As the group grew in notoriety, they started to expand their performances. Over the past few years, the band has performed with a variety of notable stars including the Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stars. The group has also recorded three separate studio albums, one of which won the Latin Grammy Award for the top rock album. Those who would like to hear this group perform live should know that tickets are available.

Diamante Electrico Concert and Tour in 2019

Those who are interested in hearing this group perform live should know that cheap Diamante Electrico tickets are available here at CheapTickets; however, given their popularity, they won't last long. Diamante Electrico is going on tour in 2019 and will have a variety of stops. This summer, a few of their upcoming stops will be in ChicagoCambridge, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. The Diamante Electrico tour will have multiple stops throughout the country during the course of the year.

Diamante Electrico Tour Schedule
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