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About Corey Smith

Corey Smith is one of the most popular contemporary country music singers. He is currently going on tour, providing everyone with an opportunity to see him live. He started performing at a young age and eventually released his first album in 2003, which is titled Undertones. In total, he produced nine separate albums all through independent music labels. In 2015, he released his tenth album with the help of Keith Stegall from Sugar Hill Records. It was titled While the Getting' Is Good. On stage, he is known for his powerful performing style and his ability to engage the audience. Now, Corey Smith is going on tour again all across the United States. 

A History of Corey Smith

While Corey Smith started singing and performing at a young age, this did not become his full-time career until much later. He is originally from Jefferson, Georgia near the town ofAthens, which is the home of the University of Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia for college and studied Social Studies education while there. During his time in college, he continued to write songs and performed locally. Once he graduated college, he took a job in Suwanee, Georgia at the North Gwinnett High School. There, he taught guitar, history, and geography. Shortly after this, he decided to dedicate himself to his music career full-time. He has an upcoming tour that will carry him across the entire United States

The Upcoming Corey Smith Tour

Those who would like the opportunity to catch a Corey Smith Concert should know that he is going to be touring across the United States this year. The tour is going to start in the Southeast with stops throughout South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Later in the tour, he will reach Florida. These concerts take place throughout May, June, July, and March. Because of the popularity of Corey Smith, everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to purchase cheap Corey Smith tickets ahead of time. His concerts tend to sell out quickly. Do not miss out on an opportunity to see him live!

Corey Smith Tour Schedule
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