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Fueled by inspired talent and an insatiable desire to perform, Clutch burst onto the hard rock scene in the mid-1990s and has only grown brighter since. Cheap Clutch tickets go fast, so pick yours up here to catch them on tour!

Genius unspooled on a hard rock record
Started in Germantown in 1991 by high school friends, Clutch relentlessly built their fan base through touring. Their self-titled album, released in 1995, started to gain the attention of listeners and the music industry, but it wasn't until Pure Rock Fury was released in 2001 that they earned significant radio airplay. "The Mob Goes Wild" from Blast Tyrant helped establish Clutch's commercial success, kick-starting a prolific period for the band. They've never been afraid of experimentation, weaving groovy funk beats into their hard rock foundation, and each album explores a different aspect of the band's sound. 2013's Earth Rocker was lauded by publications, and Metalhammer magazine dubbed it the best of the year. The subsequent album, Psychic Warfare, has a sci-fi twist inspired by writer Philip K. Dick.

The band's devoted fan base turns out for their high-octane concerts, ready for a night immersed in the imaginative and masterful world of Clutch. Get your cheap Clutch tickets here for an unforgettable evening singing along with these Maryland rockers.

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