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The most notorious and iconic new-age magician working today now has his own Las Vegas show, and it has to be seen to be believed. Featuring what the production claims to be more illusions than any other act on the strip, Criss Angel: Believe, a production overseen and produced by Cirque du Soleil, is a truly unique magic show in a way that only the famous French production troupe can provide. Unlike many magic shows, Criss Angel: Believe features an ongoing storyline that threads the illusions together. Criss Angel plays a Victorian gentleman who is seeking love in the surreal universe of the production, all while avoiding the evil advances of the show's villain Crimson, a female conjuror who reeks havoc on Criss and his illusions. Rounding out the cast is a group of strange and intriguingly mysterious characters who's motives are never fully clear. Criss Angel first rose into the public arena with his dramatic and theatrical displays, and this show puts his skills for performance on full display. He's not only a great illusionist but a charismatic and game showman, one who can work a crowd into a frenzy before revealing his most incredible trick yet. Criss Angel: Believe has already been shocking and amazing audiences on the Las Vegas strip for years, and now's your chance to be a part of the magic. Find cheap tickets now and buy your pass into Criss Angel's magical mind.

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