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About Bob Woodward

From Watergate to the aftermath of 9/11, Bob Woodward has been at the forefront of American politics and culture. Hear stories from the man who won't rest until he has got all the answers by picking up your cheap Bob Woodward tickets here.

America's champion reporter

After serving in the US Navy, Bob Woodward decided to pursue a career in journalism, eventually earning a position at The Washington Post. He hadn't been there long before he and fellow reporter Carl Bernstein discovered and investigated the unethical actions of President Nixon. Their report on Watergate was one of the most explosive pieces of reporting of the twentieth century, leading to Woodward's bestselling novel, All the President's Men. Woodward continued to press forward, focusing on American politics. He spent a significant amount of time with George W. Bush, examining the decisions made post-9/11 in four books. He has written nearly twenty books in total, focusing on Hollywood drug culture, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the American economy. In 2018 he published Fear: Trump in the White House, a book that quickly turned into a sensation in the country's polarized political environment.

Bob Woodward has won nearly every significant award journalism has to offer, contributing to two projects that won Pulitzer Prizes. Get lost in the intrigue of politics by snagging your cheap Bob Woodward tickets today!