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About American Royal

The American Royal is held for eight weeks every year from September to November in the metro area of Kansas City. It hosts a number of events like the rodeo, horse show, barbecue competition, a livestock show, and more. The event is so popular that MLB team Kansas City Royals got ‘Royals’ in their name because of the ‘Royal’ in Kansas’s famous American Royal.


The American Royal was established in 1899 as a cattle show. It was the first nationwide exposition and sale of purebred cattle. They held the exposition at Kansas City Stockyards in a tent. It wasn’t until two years later that it got the name American Royal, when Kansas City Drovers Telegram suggested the name American Royal in an editorial piece. In 1908 they built the new building to be the official location for the American royal. The building burnt down in 1925 and was rebuilt quickly. The building was used until 1991.

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