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About Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are Atlanta, Georgia's proud professional football team. They are in the Eastern Conference of the NFL. Dan Quinn is the team's current head coach. The team is currently tied with the Miami Dolphins for being the oldest franchise team in the South.

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History of the Falcons

The Falcons have only appeared in the Super Bowl one time. It was in 1998, Super Bowl XXXIII, and they were beaten by the Denver Broncos. Despite that, they have won several division championships. In fact, they have won five times in their 49 years of being a team in the division. While the team has not had an exceptional record for the past few years, the fans of the Falcons are still holding out hope that things will turn around. Currently, the Atlanta Falcons preseason is underway and they are showing a strong promise. Purchase your Atlanta Falcons preseason tickets soon to catch the remaining games or wait until the regular season for some real action.

The Falcons stadium

All Falcon home games are currently played in the Georgia Dome, but it will not be that way for long. The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is being built in the city, and will be ready in time for their 2017 season. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is supposed to have the latest technology and has been under construction since May of 2014. Falcons tickets for the 2017 season are already up for sale. A Falcons game is always a fun event to attend in Atlanta, and hopefully even more so when this new stadium is ready for action!

Did you know these facts about the Atlanta Falcons?

  • The Atlanta Falcons first played in the NFL in 1966. They finished their first year with a 3-11 record.
  • The first Falcons game in the NFL took place at Yankee Stadium, and they beat the New York Giants 27-16.
  • From 1966 to 2006, the team had 14 head coaches.

Biggest Falcons rivalries

If you were to ask anyone who is a Falcons fan who the biggest rival is, you will either hear the Carolina Panthers or the New Orleans Saints.

Falcons vs Saints

The Saints and Falcons rivalry is a very well established and extremely old rivalry. It is the oldest rivalry in the division in fact.

Falcons vs Panthers

The Panthers and Falcons rivalry is not quite as deep-rooted as the one the Falcons have with the Saints. This is because of the fact that the Panthers just recently joined the division in 1995, but the tension between these two teams is still noted and visible.

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