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1984 Tickets

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About 1984

1984 is a popular play that is based on the book that shares its name. The play first premiered back in 2013 at the Nottingham Playhouse. Since that time, the play has garnered critical acclaim and has become one of the most popular shows currently running. The book was written by George Orwell and tells the story of a dystopian world that quickly garnered attention when it was first published in 1948. The play was written by Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan. The play has been celebrated by multiple critics and continues to draw large crowds. People still have the chance to catch a showing of 1984 today.

A History of 1984

The production first showed in 2013 at the Nottingham Playhouse. The play was directed by its creators. The play was popular and quickly went on tour throughout the UK. The production moved to the Almeida Theatre during the winter of 2014. It grew more popular and went from there to the Playhouse Theater in the West End of London. The play went on to play in a number of different areas before it returned to the West End in 2015. The play became so popular that it came to the United States in 2017, where it continued to draw large crowds. It went from there to Australia next. The play continues to tour throughout the world to this day. Those who would like to catch a showing of this play, based on the worldwide phenomenon, should make plans now.

The 1984 Tour and Tickets This Year

Those who would like to catch a showing of 1984 should know that they still have chances. Right now, cheap 1984 tickets are on sale. These tickets are not going to last long as the play continues to tour all over the world. Therefore, those who would like to catch this play should make plans as early as possible. This is a fantastic story that makes its audience think along with the story. The audience always has a great time watching a performance of 1984.