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About Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers and their Canadian rivals love to play each other, and fans love those games even more. The Toronto Raptors have established themselves as a competitive team in the NBA which makes Lakers vs Raptors games exciting to watch. Find the Lakers schedule and the Raptors schedule to see when the teams are set to play each other next.

Lakers vs Raptors

The Raptors joined the NBA in 1995, making them a newer team to the league especially compared to the Lakers who were founded back in 1947. It took years for the Raptors to become a well-established team in the league, they struggled for many of their early years to be successful. A memorable game vs the Lakers was in 2006, when Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Raptors making it the second highest single game total in NBA history. Another game in 2015, the Raptors beat the Lakers to take the Atlantic Division title making it their second year in a row with that title. Things got real exciting for the Raptors in 2018 when they acquired Kawhi Leonard. They made it to the NBA Finals that season facing the all-star team the Golden State Warriors had. The Raptors won their first champion that season which is still a big feat, even though the Lakers have way more titles than that. The teams have played each other almost 50 times with the Lakers winning almost 30 of those games. The Staples Center and Scotiabank Arena are waiting for the next time these teams match up, whether it is in the regular season or in playoffs. Get tickets to all Raptors vs Lakers game on CheapTickets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lakers vs Raptors

How many times have the Lakers beat the Raptors?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors have played each other 47 times as of 2020. The Lakers have more wins than the Raptors with 28 wins.

Where can I get cheap Lakers vs Raptors tickets?

Lakers vs Raptors tickets can be bought for cheap and competitive prices on CheapTickets. Check out the Lakers and the Raptors schedules to see when the teams play each other next.

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