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About Los Angeles Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs

Considered to be one of the best contests in the NBA at one time, the Lakers–Spurs rivalry developed gradually. The two teams had played against each other in the Western Conference since 1981, but it was only in 1999 when their rivalry escalated.

In 1999, the Spurs swept the Lakers 4-0, to win their first NBA Championship. From 1999 to 2004, the Lakers–Spurs rivalry was considered the best in the NBA. One reason for this was that during those 5 years, whichever team won the playoffs, also advanced to the NBA Finals.

Over the years, this rivalry has seen its ups and downs, especially when one of the teams showed lackluster performance in a season. Nonetheless, the Lakers–Spurs rivalry has given basketball fans some memorable moments to cherish.

Memorable Games/Moments in the Lakers–Spurs Rivalry

The Derek Fisher Shot – It was Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Semifinals at the SBC Center in San Antonio, TX. It was almost the end of the game and the score was tied when Lakers’ Kobe Bryant buried a 20-footer and the Lakers started to lead by one point with 11.9 seconds remaining on the clock. It was Spurs’ Tim Duncan’s turn to rise to the occasion. He buried an 18-footer just as the clock showed 0.4 seconds. The Lakers, however, did not give in as Fisher received an inbound pass from Gary Payton and the ball ended in the basket. It all happened in four-tenths of a second. The Lakers won, but more than that, this game is still remembered as one of the best finishes in NBA history.

Game 5 of 2003 Western Conference Semifinals Before this game, the series was tied at 4-4 and Game 5 was therefore crucial for both teams. It was a heated, back and forth game, which eventually came down to a final shot at the SBC Center. Robert Horry’s number was called. Horry had earned the nickname Big Shot Rob for his clutch shooting in important games. His shot however rimmed out and the Spurs won 96-94 and also went on to win the series. Kobe Bryant topped the table with 36 points while Tim Duncan had 14 rebounds in the game.

Lakers – Spurs Head-to-Head Record

This is how the Los Angeles Lakers have fared against the San Antonio Spurs in regular season games.

Games Played Wins Losses Win %age Points Scored Points Allowed
164 78 86 .476 16951 17157

The two teams have also played in 56 playoff games, out of which the Lakers have won 34, while the Spurs have won 22 games. So, while the Lakers trail in the regular season wins, they are ahead of the Spurs in the postseason games.

Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs - Hall of Famers

The Los Angeles Lakers have 23 players inducted into the Hall of Fame, while the Spurs have 8 players in the same category.

Lakers’ Hall of Famers

Wilt Chamberlain – Chamberlain was one of the greatest and most dominant players in NBA history.

Magic Johnson – In 2007, Johnson was rated the greatest NBA point guard of all time by ESPN.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar –Abdul-Jabbar remains the all-time leading scorer in the Association, as well as the player with most career wins.

Spurs’ Hall of Famers

Moses Malone – At the time of his retirement, Malone held the record for all-time offensive rebounds in the NBA.

Dominique Wilkins – Wilkins is considered to be one of the best dunkers in NBA history.

Dennis Rodman – Rodman is considered to be one of the best rebounding forwards in NBA history with 13.1 average career rebounds per game.

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