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About New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles have played against each other in the same division since 1933. Both football teams are part of the National Football Conference (NFC) East Division. Most rivalries in sports have a moment of contention in their history. However, the Eagles-Giants rivalry is unique in a way. Even though rivalries between conference and division members are inevitable, it seems New York and Philadelphia were destined to be rivals solely based on their geographic locations.

Football is not the only sport these two cities fight over. New York and Philadelphia have drawn their lines in baseball with the Mets-Phillies rivalry and in hockey too with the Philadelphia Flyers - New York Rangers rivalry. However, it’s the Eagles-Giants rivalry that brings out the best - or worst - in these two cities.

Here are a couple of moments that define the Eagles-Giants rivalry.

A Tale of Two Cities – New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles

More than a Love Tap – October 10, 1988, the Philadelphia Eagles make it to their first Monday Night Football game in eight years. Maturing into a respectable defensive side, the Eagles took on the Giants in a packed Veterans Stadium. The Eagles won the game 24-13 comfortably, however there was one play that stood out from the rest. It was Eagles QB Randle Cunningham’s fake punt in the second quarter.

Cunningham faked a punt and avoided Carl Banks chop at his thighs while miraculously staying on his two feet and threw a bullet to the back of the end zone to Jimmie Giles. Cunningham’s full athletic ability was on display in this exhilarating play as he avoided Banks tackle - which was by all means more than a love tap – and miraculously didn’t let his knee touch the ground.

More than Friends – Keith Byars and Pepper Johnson are more than friends. They are buddies, pals, best friends. They played collegiate football together at Ohio State. They wouldn’t hit/tackle each other in practice which drove their coaches crazy. They were best men at each other’s weddings and their wives always sat together at football games. On November 25, 1990, these two friends found themselves on opposite sides and in one of the plays, the Eagles-Giants rivalry took center stage and their friendship a back seat.

With a bee line to the Eagles QB, Johnson moved to block, however oblivious of his friend Byars who tackled Johnson so hard that the Giants left back went airborne. Even though the Eagles won that encounter with relative ease, Byars tackle showed that the Eagles-Giants rivalry transcends the special bond of friendship.

The Eagles and the Giants Go Head to Head

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants have gone up against each other on a number of occasions. This is how the Eagles have performed against the Giants

Games Played Wins Losses Tied Games Win %age Points Scored Points Allowed
176 88 86 2 0.5 3,388 3,402

The post season record between these two teams is even. The Eagles and the Giants have met in the postseason on four occasions in 1981, 2001, 2007 and 2009. The 1981 and 2001 playoffs were won by the Giants, while the 2007 and 2009 encounters were won by the Eagles.

*Figures correct as of August 2022

The Legends behind the Eagles and the Giants

The list for the Eagles and the Giants is long and handsome. Here are few of the legends who helped these teams soar.

Reggie White was called the Minister of Defense for a reason. With 124 sacks in Philadelphia, White was known for terrorizing Quarterbacks. Chick Bednarik was known as Concrete Charlie for his ability to move towards the point of attack seamlessly. He would regularly pummel ball carriers for the Eagles. And the greatest quarterback for the Eagles was Donovan McNabb. With 32,873 to 26,963 yards thrown and 216 to 175 touchdowns, this 6 time Pro Bowl pick is perhaps the most successful quarterback in Eagles history.

For the Giants, it is Frank Gifford who leads the way. He led the NFL in 1956 in yards from scrimmage, 819 yards on the ground and 603 receiving yards. A full time two way player, Gifford was once the most celebrated athlete in America. Eli Manning is bona fide NFL royalty. Manning has two Super Bowl Championships and a two Super Bowl MVP. Michael Strahan is perhaps the greatest sack artist of all time. In his 15 year career with the Giants, Strahan had an impressive 141.5 sacks.

The Eagle & the Giant

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