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About Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs entered the league in 1961 and are in the AFC West division. The team plays at Arrowhead Stadium and has won two Super Bowls since they entered the league. The Houston Texans are a newer team who entered the NFL in 1999. In their short time in the league, they have not won any Super Bowls but have made the playoffs many times in recent years. The Texans are in the AFC South division, so they get to travel to Kansas City a good amount to play the Chiefs. Whether Texans travel North or the Chiefs fly down to Houston, Chiefs vs Texans games are always good to catch live. Check the schedule to find the next Chiefs vs Texans game and get tickets.

Chiefs vs Texans

Before the 2020 NFL season started, the record between the Chiefs and Texans was close. With only 12 games between the two teams, the Chiefs won seven and the Texans had five wins. The first game was back in 2003 when the Chiefs visited NRG Stadium in Houston and took the win away from the home team. The Chiefs and Texans stayed competitive over the years, going back and forth on who is the better team each season. The teams played each other twice in the 2019 season, one game being in the post season. The AFC Divisional game in 2019 helped send the Chiefs to the Super Bowl after they beat the Texans 51-31. The Chiefs won the big game that season and came back to the 2020 excited to continue their success. The first NFL game of the 2020 season was the Chiefs vs Texans. Chiefs vs Texans games get all football fans excited, get tickets to see the teams battle on the field live!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Texans vs Chiefs

How many times have the Texans beat the Chiefs?

Since 2003, the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs have played each other 13 times including two postseason games. The Chiefs are winning the series with eight wins, the Texans only have five as of 2021.

Who has more Super Bowl wins Texans or Chiefs?

The Houston Texans entered the league in 2002 and do not have any Super Bowl wins as 2020. The Kansas City Chiefs entered the league in 1960 and have two Super Bowl wins as off 2020, which was their last win.

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