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About Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings have been rivals in the NHL for quite some time. During the mid-1990's the two faced one another in the playoffs many times. They've met five times in the playoffs and have accounted for five Stanley Cup victories.

The first meeting in the playoffs between the two occured in the 1996 Western Confereces Finals. At the time, the Red Wings were heavily favored to win the Stanley Cup. Colorado would win the first two games heading into Game 3. The series became very physical with multiple fights, penalties, and injuries piling up on both sides. The Red Wings would eventually lose the series in Game 6. The following year, an absolute brawl would break out when the Red Wings hosted the Avalanche at their former home venue, Joe Louis Arena. The game featured 18 major fighting penalties and 144 penalty minutes dispersed between the two teams. The two teams would meet again, this time in the Western Conference Finals with Detroit coming out on top. They would meet again in 1999 and 2000 in the Western Conference Semifinals with Colorado winning both. The rivalry would die down as the players who were part of the initial rivalry had begun to retire, leave in free agency or trades. Although the rivalry has died down from what it was before, whenever the two sides take the ice at Colorado's Ball Arena or Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, you can bet that tensions will run high and there will be plenty of physical action!

As of November 2022, the Red Wings and Avalanche have played a total of 129 games. The Red Wings have won 66 of those matchups and lost 48, while tying five times.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Colorado Avalanche and Detroit Red Wings

Which Red Wings player scored the most goals against the Avalanche?

Steve Yzerman scored the most goals for the Red Wings against the Avalanche with 28 scored

How many goals have the Avalanche scored all time versus the Red Wings?

In their 129 meetings, the Colorado Avalanche have scored 391 times versus the Detroit Red Wings

Who is considered to be the best Colorado Avalanche player of all-time?

Joe Sakic is widely considered to be the best. He was the team captain for 13 years and played his entire career with Colorado.

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