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About Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

Two major cities, historical games that go back decades, and top players in the league, Cowboys vs Rams games are something every football fan gets excited for. Whether Dallas travels to LA or the Los Angeles team makes a trip down south, the teams are always ready to battle it out on the field. Tickets to Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams games can be tough to find, but CheapTickets has tickets available for every fan.

Cowboys vs Rams

The first game between the Rams and the Cowboys was back on November 6, 1960. The Rams took home the win with a 38-13 victory against the Cowboys. However, throughout the years the teams have been more and more competitive and grown to become top teams in the NFL. Overall, the Cowboys lead in wins against the Rams by 18-17. The teams have played each other nine times during the postseason to add to the 26 other times they met during the regular season. All regular and postseason games have tickets available on CheapTickets.

Postseason Play

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, playoff games between the Rams and Cowboys seemed like a normal occurrence. Out of those eight games played, the teams each won four games apiece which built the strong playoff competition between them. In the last playoff game, the Rams swept the Cowboys with a 20-0 victory in the NFC Divisional game and possibly the Cowboys worst playoff performance ever. The next time the teams met in postseason would not be until 2019. Played at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 12, 2019, the game was a tough matchup between the two teams. The Rams ended up winning 30-22 to move on to the NFC Championship game against the Saints. Every time the Cowboys and Rams are on the field together, it will be a game you won’t want to miss. Find the best tickets to see a Cowboys vs Rams game here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowboys vs Rams

How many times have the Rams beat the Cowboys?

As of 2020, the Rams have beat the Cowboys as many times as the Cowboys have beat them. The series is tied 18-18. See the schedule to find out when the next Rams vs Cowboys game is.

Are the Cowboys and Rams in the same conference?

The Dallas Cowboys are in the National Football Conference’s East division. The Los Angeles Rams are also in the National League Conference but in the West division.

Who has the most Super Bowl wins, Cowboys or Rams?

Since the Dallas Cowboys entered the league in 1960, they have had five Super Bowl wins. The Los Angeles Rams entered the league in 1938 but only have one Super Bowl win over the years.

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