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About Cleveland Guardians vs. Detroit Tigers

When it comes to sports, Cleveland and Detroit are two cities that will always lock horns as rivals. The Cleveland Guardians and the Detroit Tigers are both members of the AL Central Division and are therefore fierce divisional rivals. What’s more, the two teams were also members of the old AL East Division meaning that they’ve been playing against one another for many years and fighting for dominance in their division. How will the Guardians and the Tigers perform against each other in the upcoming MLB season? Only time will tell.

Memorable Games between the Guardians and the Tigers

When these two division rivals go head-to-head, their contests are heated affairs. After all the division title and a playoff spot is at stake.

The Miggy vs. Salazar showdown

August 7, 2013 – This was the day star Guardians pitcher Danny Salazar took on Tigers power hitter Miguel ‘Miggy’ Cabrera. The two players were locked in a fierce display of dominance for most of the game. Salazar struck out Cabrera three straight times. He led the Guardians into the 8th inning with a 3-2 lead. However, Miggy came back and scored a two run-homer that would change the course of the game. The Tigers would win 6-5 after 14 innings.

A Statistical Look at their Head to Head Record

The Cleveland Guardians and the Detroit Tigers have played a fair amount of games against one another over the years. The two have been pretty even in terms of wins and losses. Here is the head to head record for the Cleveland Guardians against the Detroit Tigers

Games Played Losses Wins Win %age Home Wins-Losses Away Wins-Losses
1,977 979 991 .503/td> 537-448 454-531

In the games that the Guardians have played against the Tigers, they have scored 9809 runs and allowed 10,093 runs. To date, the two teams have not had the chance to face each other in the postseason.

Top Players – Guardians and Tigers

The Cleveland Guardians have had some incredible players over the years. These include Danny Salazar - the powerhouse pitcher, Orel Hershiser - the man who led the Guardians to the postseason for three straight years, and Gaylord Perry - the two time All-Star and winner of numerous awards. The Tigers also have an impressive list of players on their roster. They are Justin Verlander - one of the best pitchers in MLB today, Miguel Cabrera - the fearsome hitter and Lou Whitaker - the five time All-Star and Tiger legend.

The Guardians Take on the Tigers!

In 2024, the Cleveland Guardians will face off against their division rivals the Detroit Tigers. To get cheap Cleveland Guardians vs. Detroit Tigers tickets, be sure to plan ahead. Check out the Cleveland Guardians Schedule and the Detroit Tigers Schedule to see when their games are. To get the best seats on game day, look at both Progressive Field and Comerica Park seating charts. That way, you’re likely to find the best Cleveland Guardians and Detroit Tigers tickets out there.

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