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About Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Chicago BearsMinnesota Vikings rivalry started as soon as the Minnesota Vikings were established in 1961. It didn’t surprise anyone that the two teams became instant rivals. They were competing in the same division (NFC North) and both teams were offensive powerhouses. Rivalries are also born out of geography and their proximity to each other made the Bears and the Vikings natural rivals.

Since 1961, their contests have produced some thrilling games. The rivalry is also marked by upsets. If you are on the hunt for an offensive rivalry, the Bears and the Vikings games would be your best bet. Alternatively, we have the Ravens and Steelers, if you were interested in a defensive rivalry.

Like other heated contests, the Bears and the Vikings rivalryhas produced some memorable moments in the NFL history.

Memorable Moments from Bears and Vikings Games

David takes on GoliathOn September 17, 1961, The Vikings were a new expansion franchise playing their very first game against the well-established Bears. The only thing going for them was the home crowd at the Metropolitan Stadium. Or so everyone thought. The Vikings defense shut down the Bears offense. When the Vikings offense lined up on the field, they were led by a rookie QB, Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton would throw five touchdowns for 250 yards. Tarkenton would go on to become a Hall of Famer and the Vikings would win the game 37-13.

What a (Monday) Night – It was October 31, 2016, and the down and out Bears were hosting the 5-1 Vikings. The Vikings were first in their division, while the Bears were in the last place in NFC North. Despite being the underdogs, the Bears were able to build a lead of 20-3 and then to their defense’s credit, only allowed 7 more points to the Vikings. The game ended with Bears winning 20-10. The highlight of the night was rookie running back Jordan Howard, who ran for 202 yards and a touchdown. This victory also broke the Vikings three game winning streak over the Bears.

Bears–Vikings Head-to-Head Statistics

This is how the Bears have fared against the Vikings in the regular season games.

Total Wins Losses Tie Games Win-loss %age Points Scored Points Allowed
111 51 58 2 .468 2154

In short, the Vikings lead the all-time series by 58-52-2. The two teams have played one Wild Card Playoff game in 1995. The Chicago Bears won this game 35-18.

Greatest Players for the Bears and the Vikings

The Bears can boast one of the most impressive lists of Hall of Famers in the league. Some of the greatest Bears are.

Walter Payton – Mike Ditka once said that Payton was the greatest football player he had ever seen.

Dick Butkus – Butkus was the greatest linebacker of his time.

Gale Sayers – Sayers was arguably the most impressive runner in the entire league.

The Vikings Hall of Fame list may not be as long as the Bears, but it’s enough to give them a lead over the Bears.

Carl Eller – If the league kept record of QB sacks when Eller played, he would have been NFL’s all-time top-10 pass-rushers.

Chris Carter – Carter, at one time, was one of the all-time top five wide receivers in the entire league.

Ron Yary – The greatest offensive tackle ever to play for Minnesota.

Watch the Bears and the Vikings this season

If you prefer offensive contests, then catch the Bears–Vikings games. You can get your Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings tickets from here. Make sure to check the Chicago Bears 2017 NFL schedule and Minnesota Vikings 2017 NFL schedule. Also take a look at the Soldier Field seating charts and the U.S. Bank Stadium seating charts. This will help you select the best seats in the stadium. Cheap Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings tickets are available here.

Why do the Bears have the letters "GSH" on the sleeve of their jerseys?

The letters "GSH" stands for George S. Halas. He was a former player, coach, and owner of the Chicago Bears. He was involved with the team in some capacity from 1920, until his death in 1983. Upon his death, the team added the initials to the jersey to pay tribute.

Why do Vikings fans say "skol"?

It is the team's viking war chant and is derived from the Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian word "Skål" meaning cheers.

Why are they called the Chicago Bears?

Originally, the team played in Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Thus they adopted a name closely tied to the city's baseball team.

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