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Emerging on the mainstream stage recently, K-Pop has brought to the music industry something unprecedented. The genre has become a worldwide phenomenon almost overnight with the help of some of the primary performers falling under this title. Through selling millions of albums and setting attendance records around the world, K-Pop has been able to gain a large dedicated fan base that can sell out every performance. Don’t wait to get your cheap K-Pop concert tickets, or you might end up missing out on an iconic performance!


K-Pop is short for Korean Pop has been around since the 1990s. It started out as a subculture in South Korea and has grown in popularity across the world. It is a mix of multiple genres including R&B, pop, rock, hip hop and electronic. In 1992, Seo Tai-ji & Boys made popular the style of combining genres like rap, rock and techno. Hip hop groups like Deux also began popularizing hip hop in South Korea. In 1995, Lee Soo Man founded South Korea's largest talent agency called S.M. Entertainment. S.M. Entertainment created the first K-Pop groups. As S.M. Entertainment became successful pioneering this new genre, other talent agencies like YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and DSP Entertainment began following suit. Some of the groups that were a product of this era were Sechs Kies, H.O.T., Drunken Tiger, and many more. In the 2000s, the K-Pop industry began to grow. At this point is was not unheard of for agencies to invest $400,000 to train new artists. Today along with the help of the internet K-Pop has become popularized worldwide with groups like BTS, Blackpink, Stray Kids and many more!


K-Pop not only has a unique sound, but it has a unique style. K-Pop fashion became what it is today from the wildly popular group Seo Taiji and Boys. Their outfits during appearances and performances made them one of the most recognizable K-Pop groups of their time. From their vibrant street wearing overalls to their sportswear, they set the stage for what would become a worldwide fashion phenomenon. Over the years K-Pop fashion has evolved based on the trends mainly found in the Western world. While they are known for their trendy outfits, K-Pop performers are also known for the extravagant costumes that they wear during performances. Many famous fashion designers work together with K-Pop stars to create new styles. American designer Jeremy Scott worked with 2NE1 to design clothes.


As K-Pop began growing in popularity, the more prominent bands began to rise to fame reaching idol status to many. Fans from around the world began forming fan clubs that would do almost anything to show support for their favorite K-Pop bands, including hosting several charity events in honor of them. Often the K-Pop fandom has been known to sell out merchandise sites as well as create mass frenzy surrounding the bands when they release new music. The band members are also known for primarily interacting with their fans via their social media accounts, adding to their appeal by creating a close-knit family with their fans.

K-Pop Tickets

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