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Get cheap tickets for a live performance in concert with the Great Stevie Wonder. A night with Stevie Wonder on his concert tour will be a night never forgotten. Stevie's musical genius, now finely seasoned, will capture the mind and soul as he moves through hits that created his legendary fame.

Stevie Wonder, blind since shortly after birth, was a child musical prodigy discovered by Motown's Ronnie White of the Miracles in 1961. White was so amazed by his talent that he took Little Stevie and his mother straight to Motown's CEO who then signed him up with a recording contract at age 11. Changing Stevie's surname to Wonder was the idea of producer Clarence Paul. Paul had declared earlier that "we can't keep calling him the eighth Wonder of the World. Stevie went on to produce his first major hit with the riveting Fingertips Part Two at age 13. He performed with bongos, harmonica and a sassy rhythm that become his brand. Later dropping the "Little" from his name, he mastered the piano musical compositions.

Get Stevie Wonder concert tour tickets and get ready to enjoy a nostalgic musical journey with Stevie Wonder, one of the greatest musical composer/performers of the 20th century. Let Stevie take you back to the 1960s with an awesome rendition of Uptight(Everything is Alright). Recall the breezes of a Summer day with the hauntingly beautiful songs My Cherie Amour and I Never Thought You'd Leave In Summer (his tribute song at the Michael Jackson Memorial Service.) Journey into the early 1970s with Superstition and You Are the Sunshine of My Life. Relive the 1980s with Stevie's classic composition Ribbon in the Sky and the sweet song Ebony and Ivory that he recorded with Paul Mc McCartney.

Get Stevie Wonder concert tickets today for a show that may sell out quickly. With more than 30 Top Ten hits and 22 Grammy awards over the years, Stevie's popularity as a musical icon will never die. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience a night to remember for a lifetime!

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