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Mary J. Blige is a successful singer and recording artist. She got her start in Yonkers, New York where she was discovered by her stepfather and Andre Harrell (CEO) of Uptown Records. She was hired as a backup singer by Uptown Records but her talented voice also touched rappers and other singers like Sean Combs also known as “Puffy.”

Puffy took Mary under his wings and guided her in her career. She has attracted other famous rap singers who also took to her sweet soothing voice. The road she not always been easy for Mary as she portray this in her songs. She has overcome for personal and emotional difficulties that have only made her stronger.

After a few rough patches in her career in 1995 Mary J. Blige went on to release another album which made it to the number one Billboard. Her music has never been consistent as she moved to newer styles of music throughout her career. She has a mixture of Ghetto style, Rap, R&B and Hip Hop.

In 2011 she has made appearances with Busta Rhymes, Drake, Beyoncé, and Rick Ross. All of the hard work and frustration has paid off tremendously for Mary. She is among the most popular African American recording artist and business woman worldwide.

She has won multiple Grammy Awards and produced just as many platinum albums. Her music has made her shine out like the superstar she has become. She continues to write, sing and record her music with her friends in the music industry. She is the co founder of FFAWN, Foundation Advancement for Women Now, where she encourages and empowers women to take charge of their lives and be the best person they can be.

She also has her own line of Sunglasses and perfume. She is not shy to television and she is no stranger to theatrical acting or Broadway. Her self confidence and resiliency continues to be the driving force behind her success. She is an inspiration to women from all walks of life.

She has appeared on America’s Next idol and she continues to go on tours and dazzle her fans. In fact, she has numerous concerts coming up this year; Mary J. Blige concert tickets sells out very quickly.

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