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When tickets for The Weeknd went on sale for his performance at the Commodore in Vancouver eager concert-goers purchased all 1000 within a mere five minutes! If you have hopes of buying The Weeknd concert tickets you had better be certain to buy them as early as possible- you don’t want to get waiting outside wishing you could be hearing one of Canada’s hottest acts! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t happen often either; tickets for The Weeknd at the Metropolis 2 months earlier also sold out.He is clearly an act people want to see.

Abel Tesfaye, or The Weeknd as he is more commonly known on stage, has blown up since the release of his 3 free mix-tapes which comprise most of the songs he sings in concert. That nearly the whole audience sings along at each concert is all the more remarkable for the fact that he has no physical albums to speak of, only the music he gives out for free. He's a crafty self-promoter and supports himself by touring, so in this case it really is true to say that the best way to support the artist is to buy The Weeknd tickets. Oh yeah, and about one of those free albums? Complex magazine called The House of Balloons the best album of 2011 over Drake’s Take Care and the combined efforts of Jay-Z and Kanye West on Watch the Throne.

Of course there are more reasons to buy The Weeknd concert tickets. From the very beginning concert-goers have raved of the almost raw intimacy of his shows as crowds of adoring fans sing along in crowded venues. Abel’s trademark voice does not disappoint either as anyone who has seen him live can attest; in an age of auto-tune and overproduction he is an artist who sounds as good live as he does on his sensual mixes.

Fans of truly good music will not be disappointed after purchasing the Weekend concert tickets; he‘s the singer Norris of MTV called “the best musical talent since Michael Jackson.” Lofty praise, indeed, and all the more reason fans should buy tickets for The Weeknd as soon as possible so they can be a part of a musical phenomenon that may soon grow too large for the type on intimate concerts he is known for.

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