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Originally orchestrated to determine which form of martial arts was most effective, the modern UFC, also known as United Fighting Championship, integrates all forms of fighting in this intense and action-packed sporting event. Scoring tickets to UFC puts you front and center, near the fighters and their octagon-shaped fighting arena.

The very first UFC was held in 1993 in Denver, where a various of martial artists, including boxer Art Jimmerson and kick-boxer Patrick Smith, were among the initial competitors. The original tournament was advertised as a battle to end all battles of fighting: Sumo wrestler vs. kick boxer and boxer vs. wrestler.

What initially set the UFC tournament apart was it’s proud, “There Are No Rules” mantra, which enabled competitors to use otherwise sanctioned techniques to take down their opponent. Two rules, no biting and no eye gouging, were, in fact in place, but the event was still promoted as extremely violent and one that warranted viewer discretion. By the late 1990s however, state legislators imposed additional safety rules that prohibited kicking a down opponent in the head and banning “fish hooking,” among others.

Today, the UFC is no longer one final tournament, but a series of individual fights, each containing multiple rounds. Audiences watching these matches are often surprised by the tangible sense of anticipation among other fans as they experience the highs and lows of each fighters match. Being such close quarters with so many other die-hard mixed martial arts fans is an amazing experience and one you can only have by buying UFC tickets. For the most exciting fights at a reasonable cost, buy cheap tickets for UFC here today!

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