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From showstoppers to intimate set pieces, and stages full of dancers to breathtaking solos, tickets to Joffrey Ballet have something for everyone. Tickets for Joffrey Ballet are now available. This Chicago-based dance company has been entertaining audiences since the 1950s, and has learned how to give a performance that will keep the audience greatly satisfied.

Joffrey Ballet tickets transport you into another magical time and place, where classical ballet borrows from modern, folk, and ethnic dances to present a swirling, mesmerizing flow of movement and lithe bodies.

You might hear the music of a master such as Frederick Chopin, matched with choreography that is as fresh as today’s flowers. Or, with tickets for Joffrey Ballet it might be a work that is new to you, but will rapidly become a treasured favorite.

Tickets to Joffrey Ballet brings you much more than dance, though. The costuming is outstanding for all the dancers and dances, the scenic design makes you think you’re really there, the lighting is masterful, and the stage direction has obviously been practiced until the flow of people on and off the stage was perfected.

The love the dancers have for their work is apparent by the energy they bring to the ballet concert. They keep nothing back in reserve, putting it all on the stage for your enjoyment. Joffrey Ballet tickets will bring you to a place where time seems to stop, and worries disappear for a while, as the artists give you a full night of entertainment.

The Joffrey Ballet is not afraid to stretch far beyond the traditional forms of ballet. For example, they have done such work as a full dance based upon the work of the artist formerly known as Prince. Your Joffrey Ballet tickets guarantee you a night of unconventional dancing and music.

Kids as young as pre-adolescents will enjoy tickets to Joffrey Ballet as much as adults. The frantic but controlled stage energy keeps them entertained while the music is never boring. Prepping them beforehand is recommended so that they can put the dances into context.

Tickets for Joffrey Ballet are almost always a sell out so be sure to purchase yours early.

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