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Few ticket stubs connote holiday celebration like a pair of tickets for The Nutcracker. Originally performed in the romantic, classical ballet style, The Nutcracker tells the story of a little girl’s toy who comes to life and the international adventures they share together. The ballet is set to Tchaikovsky’s animated musical score, which remains the same now as it was over 150 years ago. The history and cultural richness associated with this ballet are why tickets to The Nutcracker offer a truly timeless experience for anyone who enjoys orchestral symphonies, dancing and story telling.

Although many people consider purchasing tickets to The Nutcracker a given during the holiday season, it wasn’t always this way. Despite the production’s popularity abroad, it wasn’t until 1960s, when dance legend George Balanchine and the New York City Ballet revitalized the show that it became a seasonal tradition. Balanchine’s version of the ballet infused the romantic, slow-tempo choreography with neoclassical ballet. This modern adaptation highlighted the musicality and technique of the dancers over costumes and set design. More than 50 years later and every holiday season, tickets to The Nutcracker become one of the most highly sought dance productions.

Every holiday season, ballet companies around the country perform this iconic production and audience members enthusiastically line up to get their tickets for The Nutcracker. Researching the company and the production itself is important before buying tickets for the Nutcracker, especially if you have strong stylistic preferences. For example, although the original ballet varied in it’s use of child dancers, most modern productions adopt one of two approaches. The first is to have a combined cast that includes young children and adult dancers. This style is common in large-scale productions such as New York City Ballet. Smaller ballet companies, however, may use an entirely adult cast and focus primarily on the technical choreography most children are unable to perform. Those who prefer one approach are wise to do some research before purchasing The Nutcracker tickets.

Like many dance productions, The Nutcracker ballet is best experienced up-close. The intricate on-point choreography and stunning physical grace of the ballerinas dancing will leave you breathless. The awe-inspiring nature of the experience is even more pronounced when you’re watching the performance from the best seats. To fully appreciate the majesty and timeless elegance of this production, don’t leave buying The Nutcracker tickets until the last minute. Get the best seats, and the best experience by buying The Nutcracker tickets cheap here!

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