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The Seattle Seahawks are one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Created as an expansion team in 1976, the fledgling team managed to capture the hearts and the spirit of those in the Northwest. Even the name pays homage to one of the area’s wild birds. Seahawk is a local word for the osprey, an eagle that dines on mostly fish. The helmets display the head of this proud bird, fashioned after Northwestern Native American artwork. Tickets for the Seattle Seahawks proudly display this stylized native bird.

Buying Seattle Seahawks tickets will also give you the chance to see Blitz, the team’s hawk mascot, making his way around the Kingdome, jazzing up the crowds. Seahawks fans have the reputation of being some of the loudest in the league. After a settled dispute with Texas A&M over the use of the term “12th man” the Seahawks honored its fan base by retiring the number 12 and dedicating it to those fans. The term refers to the crowd being loud enough to create enough of a distraction for the opposing players to be considered the 12th man on the Seahawk’s team. Seattle Seahawk football tickets became even more in demand.

The Seahawks have yet to capture a Super Bowl win, but they have several playoff wins under their belt, including an NFC conference championship in 2005, five NFC West division championships and two AFC West division titles. Pro Football Hall of Famers that played for the team includes Steve Largent in 1995, Carl Eller in 2004, Warren Moon in 2006 and Jerry Rice in 2010. Steve Largent also had his number 80 retired by the Seahawks organization.

Seahawks tickets also give you the chance to see the Sea Gals in action. Similarly attired in white and blue, these official cheerleaders of this NFL franchise team entertain the crowd at home games. During the offseason the Sea Gals Show Group performs at charity events and in parades throughout the country.

The Seahawks have a dedicated fan base, thus tickets and hotels near Seattle Seahawks football games are sometimes hard to come by. It’s best to buy your tickets early to guarantee getting the best seats. Cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets are available long before game time. Come on out and see Blitz energize the crowd until the 12th man is in full swing. It is a delightfully noisy experience.

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