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It's that time of year: San Diego Padres spring training tickets are available for the taking. This baseball team has a rich and vibrant history. Fans are excited about scoring San Diego Padres tickets and continuing their favorite traditions into the new season.

Tradition plays an important role with Padres fans young and old. Even the baseball team's name nods to tradition. Padres, which means fathers in Spanish, refers to the historic friars who originally founded San Diego in the late 1700s. But for the original holders of San Diego Padres baseball tickets, the name pointed to a unique cultural heritage that could only be found in San Diego. There were, of course, moments in which the links to San Diego appeared to be breaking. Older fans may recall the 1974 season, when the Padres were almost moved to Washington D.C. Devote ticket holders were devastated at the thought of giving up their hard-earned San Diego Padres baseball tickets. Fortunately for the city of San Diego, the team was instead sold to Ray Kroc, a businessman best known as the founder of McDonalds. Kroc had no interest in moving the Padres to another state. Since then, purchasing San Diego Padres tickets has become an important tradition for baseball lovers in southern California.

Over the years, the Padres have had their ups and downs. Currently, the team is in a bit of a transition period, with general manager Jed Hoyer having left behind San Diego in order to work with the Chicago Cubs. Still, even when the team loses, its players can be reassured in knowing that they always have the backing of their devoted fans, who are always happy to pay a cheap price for San Diego Padres spring training tickets. After all, what could be more fun that cheering on the local baseball team?

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