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Rodney David Stewart is better known as Rod Stewart. He was born in 1945, and was the youngest of five siblings. Rod Stewart was born in North London, England. He grew up living most of his life in England, with his mother, father and siblings. His primary residence at this time is Epping, England.

Rod Stewart has had many years as a very popular singer and songwriter. He has a peculiar raspy voice and spiky hair that has become a popular Rod Stewart mark. This wonderful raspy voice has sold Rod over 100 million records and he has been deemed one of the best selling singer, songwriter artists of our time. Twice, Rod Stewart has been awarded and ushered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rod Steward Concerts are always a big sell out, so if you want to attend one of his concerts this year, Rod Stewart tickets are on sale here.

Rod Stewart did not just become a part of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This singer has had a long and colorful life before he was able to make his mark in the singer/songwriter industry. He has worked hard for many years before he finally found his nitch as a solo artist. He has had his share of ups and downs before realizing the success that he so much deserved. This is one reason why everyone should try at least one of his concerts if they have never been. Tickets to Rod Stewart concerts are on sale here. Rod Steward’s raspy way of singing did not become fully noticed until the end of 1965. Rod had been associated with many bands during his climb to fame. It was not until late 1969 through 1971 that he was able to establish himself as a popular solo artist.

In addition to his concert venue, The City of Hope Foundation’s popular fund raiser is Rod Stewart. He did not just pick out this foundation, it sort of came to him when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. This famous raspy voice that fans love to hear was threatened when Rod had to have cancer surgery. He had to start back at square one and relearn how to sing. This was another downer in his life, however he did recover and is back on the concert circuit. After his cancer recovery he became interested in this foundation because it is working tirelessly to discover cures for cancers affecting children.

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