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There is an element of jazz in all things New Orleans, and that includes the rough-and-tumble New Orleans Saints. The football team was named after the song “When The Saints Go Marching In” and jazz musician Al Hirt’s version of that tune became their fighting song. Al Hirt was also part owner of the team. The new franchise was pointedly announced November 1, 1966 on All Saint’s Day. Philip M. Hannan, the Archbishop of New Orleans even gave the team his blessing. Devout, largely Catholic New Orleans approved of the city joining the NFL family. Tickets for the New Orleans Saints tickets went on sale for the 1967 season and were snapped up by locals eager for some southern football action.

For the first 20 years, the Saints weren’t much of a threat, only breaking the .500 threshold twice. Their first winning season was in 1987, when the team finished with a 12-3 record. The following year the Saints ended with a 10-6 season and tickets for New Orleans Saints saw increased sales. Things were looking up.

Then in 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, and devastated many coastal cities, including New Orleans. The Saints’ Superdome became an emergency shelter for thousands of residents forced from their homes by the storm and the resulting tidal surge. The dome itself had its roof torn off and parts were flooded. For a time it was thought that there would be no more Saints tickets, that Tom Benson, the owner, would be moving the team elsewhere if the Superdome could not be repaired.

After playing the scheduled 2005 home games in various stadiums across the country, the Saints came back to a restored Superdome in 2006. At their first home game, featured on Monday Night Football, the Saints beat the Falcons 23-3. The team went on to win the NFC South Championship that year. It was their first step on the road to the Super Bowl, which they would win in 2009. The comeback, of both the city and the team in those four short years made New Orleans Saints tickets much sought after.

The Saints have made it into the playoffs every year since that Super Bowl win, taking the NFC South Championship again in 2011. It became wise to buy tickets and hotels near New Orleans Saints football games long before game time, as sell-outs were commonplace. Cheap New Orleans Saints tickets are available for purchase. Spend your day cheering on a team that came back from the brink of disaster, became champions and revitalized America’s city of jazz.

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