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Melancholy yet bouncy love songs about unrequited longing are a mark of Maroon 5’s pop-rock hits. In describing the band’s appeal, Los Angeles Times music critic Ann Powers once referred to the band’s songs as “Wild Cherry-flavored dance hits.”

You can help the band celebrate the tenth anniversary of its breakout album Songs about Jane and danceable hits, such as “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved,” by purchasing Maroon 5 concert tickets.

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Garage Band Roots

Maroon 5 began life in 1994 as a junior high garage band in Southern California. They named their band Kara’s Flowers after a girl who they all thought was cute.

The Maroon 5 website notes that Kara’s Flowers was into “obsessive Beatlemania” and “big, bright pop songs” when it released its first and only album in 1997 through Warner Brothers. By 1999, two years after the high school graduation of four band members, the album and Kara’s Flowers had withered.

Moving on to Motown Fusion

Maroon 5’s future lead singer, Adam Levine, and former bandmate Jesse Carmichael moved east to college on Long Island.

Levine says New York transformed their style through immersion in hip-hop, gospel, rhythm and blues and Stevie Wonder’s Motown beat. Charged up, they dropped out of college after two years and returned to L.A. to revive their band.

Mysterious Jane and Stardom

When Levine turned his failed romance with a girlfriend, into sad, syncopated love ballads for the band’s 2002 Songs About Jane album, Maroon 5 began its gradual ascent.

“Tap on my window, knock on my door,” Levine wrote in “She Will Be Loved.” But it was fame that knocked.

Three long years of touring following the release of “Songs about Jane,” the popularity of “She Will Be Loved” drove the album’s sales to 3 million in the United States, and the band won the Grammy's Best New Artist award.

Three members of Kara’s Flowers are still with Maroon 5 — lead singer Adam Levine, bass player Mickey Madden, and lead guitarist James Valentine. Recently, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael decided it was time for a break. So now New Orleans musician P.J. Morton is on keyboard. Drummer Matt Flynn joined the band in the late 1990s.

Hunger Games Hit

Maroon 5 is among the recording stars that can be heard in the soundtrack for the megahit movie The Hunger Games. The band’s bittersweet sound and driving beat is just right for Glen Hansard’s haunting song “Come Away to the Water.”

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