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Madonna, a.k.a. Madge, stormed the music scene like a pop juggernaut back in the early and explosive heyday of MTV. Do you remember 1983? Chances are you had a Swatch watch, an arm full of jelly bracelets and teased and hairsprayed bangs that looked like a massive Hawaiian wave. If you were of a certain age, then Madonna was probably your idol, too. Madonna first hit the airwaves with Lucky Star, a new wave, New York disco groove that was reminiscent of Blondie, before becoming a mega-star with catchy bubblegum songs and dance hits such as Like a Virgin, Material Girl and Vogue. Madonna has been as innovative and cutting-edge with her trendsetting fashion sense as her radio singles and club anthems. From the early 80s bangled jewelry and Marilyn Monroe style mole to platinum blonde hair, a disheveled wedding dress, pantsuits and cone bustiers, Madonna has unveiled several theatrical characters over her long and varied career. Flash forward to today and Madonna is still the undisputed queen of the dance floor, working with every hotshot producer, technician and DJ in Europe and the U.S.

A Madonna concert is like a vacation to Ibiza. There are elaborate mirror balls, swirling disco balls, a dance troupe, a zillion beats per second and more costume changes than the Metropolitan opera. Having sold 300 million copies, Madonna is the world's top selling female artist, so you better believe she can sellout massive football stadiums and Olympic sized arenas. Madonna tickets are in high demand and always sell out months in advance, but there is no reason to panic. You can buy all your cheap Madonna tour tickets here. If you wait until the last minute, there is no way you will be able to Get Into the Groove. Madonna tickets sell out faster than her DJs spin beats. If you want to dance until the morning sun, you better purchase those Madonna tour tickets today. Wearing an arm full of bracelets, a cone bustier or painting a Marilyn Monroe style mole on your face is optional.

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