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When Danny Granger, Tyler Hansborough, David West, Paul George and Darren Collision take to the boards, what you see is not a few star players, but a star team. By design, executive Larry Bird and coach Frank Vogel have worked to create a team in the truest sense of the world. Get your Indiana Pacers tickets here and be ready to witness the rise of a great team led by one of the foremost leaders in pro basketball.

Pacers fans are in for a lot of excitement in the seasons ahead, largely because of the solid team of talented young players that Bird and Vogel have built. In his 2012 end-of-season press conference, Vogel asserted that the team will have a very good shot at the NBA playoffs and is poised to “win it all.” Time will tell whether his prediction comes true, but it looks like a very good bet.

Instead of trying to recruit a star player or two, Bird and Vogel chose the strategy of assembling a core group of very good talent who are developing into a top-level team. Their patient work seems to be paying off. The 2012 season was arguably the Pacers’ best since 2005.

With a full training season to prepare for the coming year, this deep line-up has the opportunity to form a cohesive and highly effective, some may say formidable, unit. According to Vogel, “We’ve built something very, very special...and very, very sustainable.”

Don’t miss the action surrounding this emerging force in the world of basketball. Buy our cheap Indiana Pacers tickets and be there to cheer them on.

When the franchise was established in 1967, the original investors wanted a name that evoked both the intensity of the Indianapolis 500 and the state’s long association with harness racing. The name Pacers fit the bill perfectly.

Originally part of the ABA, the team struggled for a year but took off, turning in seven straight winning seasons. They went on to take three ABA championships. The Pacers moved to the NBA in 1967-8 and again struggled to establish themselves. The team came alive in 1980 and made it to the playoffs.

Indiana has enjoyed the performance of such great players as Reggie Miller, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown, George McGinnis and coach Bobby Leonard. The best is yet to come.

Magic has eluded the Pacers, though the team has consistently turned in a creditable performance. Then came the leadership of Larry Bird and Frank Vogel. Be on hand to see their hard work and patience come to fruition as the Pacers surge toward the NBA finals and that elusive title. Get your Indiana Pacers season tickets here, and be on hand when they bring it home.

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