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The Houston Astros are one of Texas' two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. The team is in the National League, competing against teams such as the Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs. Houston Astros tickets are quite a commodity in the area, as they are a popular draw among fans in Southwest Texas. Because of where the team is located, and the fact that Louisiana does not have a MLB team, there are many holders of Houston Astros season tickets in Louisiana too.

The Astros got their start in 1962 as the Houston Colt 45's, but when the team moved to the famed Astrodome two years later, they changed the name to the Astros. However, you are are looking for Houston Astros tickets now, you won't visit the Astrodome, the team has played home games at Minute Maid Park since 2000. The Astros were the first MLB team to come to Texas.

The Astros have changed uniforms several times throughout the years, but use a color scheme of brick red, black and sand. Of course, those who purchase cheap Houston Astros spring training tickets and are able to see them play in the pre-season can enjoy other practice uniforms as well.

As far as spring training, the Astros conduct their training at Osceola County Stadium in the Kissimmee Sports Complex in Florida. While the spring training session is more for the benefit of the players and coaches, to help the team prepare for the upcoming season, there are cheap Houston Astros Spring Training tickets available here to purchase. Buying these cheap Houston Astros tickets is a great way to see your team up close and personal.

The Astros appeared in the 2005 World Series against the Chicago White Sox, and those who purchased Houston Astros season tickets were thrilled to see their favorite team at the big game. Perhaps as this team grows, there will be more appearances in the future.

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