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Hearing “Heart Tickets for Sale!” makes the blood run hot for the classic metal fan. In the history of hard rock, there are few women who have stood at the top of the Supergroup mountain like HEART. Their metal and folk rock influences, wailing guitars and haunting vocals took the music world by storm from the 1970’s to the mid 80’s, and gave them an explosive comeback at the height of the blazing hair-band era of the 1980’s that make tickets for the Heart concert collector’s items. Ground breaking, earth-shaking rock with unforgettable vocal melodies, Heart stands unique both in style and their place in music history.

Heart tickets still sell at the speed of sound, they have a fierce box set of their choicest cuts, and a memoir telling colorful stories of 40 years as the first ladies of metal on the road through a world dominated by guys. Tickets for Heart, when they cross your path, are not to be missed. These rocking gypsies never slow down, taking hits old and new across the country and around the world for fans that owned LP’s of Dreamboat Annie to kids who downloaded their latest in digital format. Tickets for the Heart concert end up in the fist pumping clutches of Heart Mongers of every stripe.

Heart tickets for sale used to be a reason for teased heads and leather coated bodies to line up outside the old ticket counter, but now we have the simpler and cheaper, if slightly less colorful, online source. Instead of the disappointment of getting up to the window or hearing endless busy signals on the phone only to end up with no Heart tickets, modern services leave you satisfied – as long as your trigger finger is still as fast on the mouse as it was on the phone!

Not only has Heart rocked the music world, Heart tickets prove they have well-earned their place in history – the ladies have had a chart scoring album in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2010’s, making them one of rock’s most enduring acts. Heart concert tickets are not only a ride through a night of rock, metal and folk, they are each a little piece of music history that shows no sign of end.

Tickets for Heart give the lucky Heart concert tickets holder a chance to experience the true breadth of these ladies’ style. Their famous album “Dog and Butterfly,” which had rock on one side and acoustic songs on the other was an example of this, one that every show provides. Telling rock-loving friends you have tickets for the Heart concert is telling them you’re in for an evening of brilliant musical magic.

Pioneers in a field that often dismissed them as sex objects rather than as the talented musicians they are, Heart has triumphed. Heart tickets for sale are slices of rock gold, passes to experience everything from Barracuda, to These Dreams, to their latest rocking singles. Whether you grew up coated in hairspray or learned to drive in a Prius, cheap tickets for Heart are not to be missed!

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