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Bulldogs football game tickets are now on sale, be sure to get your early to assure your seat. College football fans across the United States are gearing up for another great football year, and we are anticipating large ticket sales this year for all those college games. Cheap Georgia Bulldogs tickets are now on sale here.

The Bulldogs are from the great University of Georgia, and the Bulldogs are ready to go again this year so get your cheap Georgia Bulldogs tickets today. The Bulldogs have been going strong since 1892, and ticket sales only keep increasing. Tickets for Georgia Bulldogs are on sale today here. Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia is where fans gather in support of this team, by getting their cheap Georgia bulldogs tickets here. Sanford Stadium is number eight on the list of largest stadiums in the United States and number 15 in the world. Bulldog games played here fills nearly 93,000 seat stadium to capacity, so be sure to get your seat this year and be one of the 93,000 to watch the "Silver Britches" in action, and buy Bulldogs football game tickets here.

It was around the mid 1920's when the news media started to refer to this football team as bulldogs and the name kept coming up, and soon stuck, and has forever been. What other mascot could serve this college any better than the loving dignity of a white bulldog, called an Uga. Their latest mascot passed away in 2011 and the University of Georgia is the only college to lie to rest their mascots inside stadium walls in a special burial site. Come and pay homage to a great team, stop by the special mascot burial site and say, "Job well done", to all the previous mascots, by getting Bulldogs football game tickets here.

Get tickets for Georgia Bulldogs today, so you can come and hear their college fight song of "Glory, Glory", a tradition ever since the late 1890's. Another university tradition is to ring the Chapel Bell after a football victory which also started in the late 1890's and continues to this day. Many pronounce the Bulldogs as Dawgs, and so what other battle cry could this college come up with then "How 'Bout Them Dawgs?"

The Georgia Bulldogs have long adopted, "silver Britches" and bright red jerseys. The Bulldogs have one more tradition upon entering the stadium before game time and this is the famed "Dawg Walk." This tradition carries the team through fans and the Redcoat Band. The tradition has been off and on and more recently at the beginning 2001 on again and has remained a tradition to this day. Tickets for Georgia Bulldogs will get fans caught up in all the pre game excitement.

The Bulldogs have realized two Heisman Trophy winners, Frank Sinkwich and Herschel Walker, plus too many All American and NFL players to count. The University of Georgia was hailed as one of the most profitable college football programs in the United States. The Bulldogs have three rivals which are Georgia Tech, Florida, and Auburn. Bulldogs have played in many bowls, but only once did they go to the Rose Bowl and this was in 1946. The Bulldogs remain a great college football team for over 100 years. Tickets to Georgia Bulldogs are available here.

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