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It is a sure bet that not everyone knows just how old Mickey Mouse really is. Mickey was born into existence in 1928 through the ingenious mind of Walt Disney, and that is a long time for any mouse to continue and grow in popularity among the children of yesterday and today.

The voice of Mickey Mouse was originally that of Walt Disney. Walt Disney made Mickey popular in ways that he never imagined possible. There is no end to Mickey’s popularity, he along with his group of faithful friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, have been and continues to be the epitome of success, being recognized by children all over the world.

Mickey was born into his first cartoon animation through the creation of Steamboat Willie. Mickey has, throughout the years starred in many short animated cartoons, children’s story books, short films and some feature films. It is probable that back in 1928 Walt never realized the great impact that Mickey Mouse would leave on children’s minds all over the world and for so many years to come.

From black and white films and comics in the newspaper, Mickey comic books, black and white television, to color television, now to HD and 3D animation, unlimited product lines, theme parks, and video games, Mickey has been able to enter into the hearts, homes and imaginations of families everywhere. Due to the popularity of Mickey Mouse, he stands alone as the only cartoon character with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Who would have ever guessed that the imagination of the Mickey Mouse character would enter the political realm? Many times when voters are not happy with candidates they will write in on the ballot, Mickey Mouse. How popular is that? Mickey has 21 short films, nine full length films, and three television series to his credit, making him the most treasured mouse in America. No wonder he has a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

There is another venue to enjoy Mickey Mouse and his colorful friends, and that is by taking your children to see Disney Live! Tickets for Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival are on sale here.

The Walt Disney Empire has brought Mickey Mouse alive for many children at Walt Disney World in Florida, and Disney World in California. Now children and parents can see Mickey and his friends on tour, called Disney Live, Mickey’s Music Festival. This performance was tailored for audiences all over the world. The costumes, scenery and plots are beyond belief. No one should miss this tour, Disney live! Mickey's Music Festival Tickets are available here. Seats sell out quickly, so if you want to give your children the surprise of their life take them to see this wonderful Disney Live production. Purchase tickets for Disney Live! Mickey's Music Festival before tickets are sold out.

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