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What would Richard Wagner (who lived in the 1800s) have thought if someone back then had foretold him that his operas would be big stuff in the year 2012? Maybe this great musical artist thought that his works would live on after him but would he have believed that such works would stand the test of time? Who can tell?

As you contemplate getting your tickets for Die Walkure, do you think about all the history and lore that surrounds this great work? Opera may not be as popular today as it was, say, in the 1800s, but those who still appreciate it for what it is (great drama and music coalescing enigmatically) continue to come back for more. Why? Die Walkure, for example, is one of 4 great operas Wagner wrote, all surrounding great characters from Scandinavian mythology. Although not necessarily the best of the four, it is nevertheless one of the most lavish, in musical scope, costumes, and dramatic demands.

What can you expect to get from Die Walkure tickets? For sure, you can expect a magic evening full of musical wonderment. Although critics are not saying that this opera is the best they have ever seen, no one denies that the orchestra performance that accompanies this opera is superb; neither does anyone question the singing skills and talent of the world renowned cast: Bryn Terfel, Deborah Voigt, Stephanie Blythe, Hans-Peter Konig, Eva-Marie Westbroek, Margaret Jane Wray, and Jonas Kaufman. Surely, tickets to Die Walkure are an opportunity to watch and listen to these masters at their craft.

Please order your Die Walkure tickets cheap on this site for best seating arrangements. Bring a special date or even invite a family member or close friend to come along. Tickets for Die Walkure, you see, make wonderful gifts. If you bring someone not familiar with operas, make sure that you let them know a little bit about the story surrounding this opera. As you know, one does not attend an opera to find out what the plot is. One gets tickets to Die Walkure in order to enjoy the music and to observe how the performers tell the story through hand gestures, facial expressions, body movements, and, most importantly, singing; in the background, as aids in telling the story, are orchestral masterpieces and stage decorations.

Tickets to Die Walkure are ways to support the arts while at the same time enjoy some great musical drama. You can also review your knowledge of mythology through Die Walkure tickets. Get your tickets for Die Walkure and come watch gods (Wotan/Odin, the god of wisdom, his wife Fricka, and their daughter Brunnhilde) show human frailties, as they too face the scourge of incest, death, and betrayal. Along the way, listen to the dulcet voices of Valkerie, pretty maidens whose job it is to take dead warriors to their final resting place, forever there to serve them. One can only wonder if Valkerie really do exist; is there a Valhalla? Come and see that they really do exist—at least on stage!

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