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Since the opening of the Metropolitan Opera in 1883, the performances have left theater goers breathless. The opera house’s first performance was Gounod’s Faust. However, it wouldn’t be until almost a decade later that the NY Metropolitan Opera would begin to earn a profit. During the late 19th century, famed opera singers including Jean De Reszke and Emma Calve were able to garner the Metropolitan Opera the attention it deserved.

The Metropolitan Opera House has changed venues over the years. The original NY Metropolitan Opera was on 39th Street and was gutted by a fire in 1892. The theater was rebuilt and performances were held there until 1966. In 1966, the Metropolitan Opera of New York relocated to Lincoln Center to offer more seating and better acoustics. From 1910 to 1920, the Metropolitan Opera tickets were sold for Tuesday performances in Philadelphia at a opera house originally constructed by Oscar Hammerstein. The original opera building is still standing today.

In 1995, new technological advances were added to the Metropolitan Opera of New York. In the front of each seat, the theater manager installed English text translations of the opera performances. To provide mass appeal, the NY Metropolitan Opera has also started recording performances in high definition. The high definition performances were then played at special engagements at movie theaters across the nation. Metropolitan opera tickets were sold to pre-recorded productions that included The Barber of Seville, Romeo et Juilette and The First Emperor.

The most renowned opera singers in the world still perform at the Metropolitan Opera House. You can buy tickets to performances such as The Ring, Aida, Carmen, Don Giovanni, La Rondine and The Tempest.

Although the Metropolitan Opera of New York will give you a night to remember, it doesn’t have to bankrupt you. You can find cheap tickets available for purchase to many of the upcoming performances. Show schedules are updated regularly and book your seats in advanced to avoid sold-out productions.

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