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The Colorado Avalanche has been playing in Denver since 1995, bringing the excitement of the NHL to the city. The team has set many records, including the most consecutive division titles, winning nine years in a row. The team's most impressive season on the books was in 2000-2001, when they won 52 games and scored 118 points over the course of the season. Although the team does not dominate the league as much as it used to, finding Colorado Avalanche tickets for sale and heading out to a game is still a great activity for people who live in and around Denver.

The Colorado Avalanche actually didn't enter the NHL in Denver. The team began as the Quebec Nordiques in 1972 and was part of the World Hockey Association. They entered the NHL in 1979 and remained in Quebec City until 1995. That year, the COMSAT Entertainment Group of Denver bought the team, moved it to Denver, and renamed it the Colorado Avalanche. Within 6 weeks following the announcement, 12,000 Colorado Avalanche season tickets were sold, and the team had a great inaugural season in Denver. The team won its division the year after the move and stayed strong for many years of domination in the NHL.

You can see the team play in Pepsi Center, which is centrally located in Denver and easy to get to from surrounding areas because of its proximity to I-25. Search our Colorado Avalanche tickets for sale to get cheap tickets for the seats you want. Although it's always fun to be close to the action at a hockey game, you can often get a better overall picture of what's going on from the seats higher in the stadium, and we have Colorado Avalanche tickets for sale in all parts of the arena.

When you don't have Colorado Avalanche season tickets, it's still easy to get the tickets for the games you want to go to. Most Colorado Avalanche season tickets holders can't make it to all of the games anyway, so just pick and choose the ones that fit into your schedule and get tickets for those games. Games do sell out, and in fact, the team had 486 consecutive games sell out between 1995 and 2006. Therefore, it's important to buy Colorado Avalanche tickets in advance of the game because there are often not any left on the day of the game, especially for important match-ups.

Diehard Colorado Avalanche fans have high hopes for the team's return to domination in its division, and with a great roster, they are sure to put out a strong showing at each game. And remember, when you get Colorado Avalanche tickets, make sure to wear your burgundy and steel blue to the game to show your team spirit!

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