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The Alabama Crimson Tide represent the University of Alabama in all athletics and while they have had much success in many other sports, they are most dominate in football. This makes sense as Alabama Crimson Tide football tickets are one of the hottest commodities in the state, unless of course, you’re anywhere near Auburn University. There is a rich history of Alabama Crimson Tide football that locals and dispersed fans know in their hearts. The team first began playing in 1892, and have had 12 coaches in their 100 plus years of existence, some of whom are considered coaching legends today like Bear Bryant, Gene Stallings and, currently, Nick Saban. The early years for Alabama Crimson Tide football weren’t the most successful, as Ivy League teams still seemed to dominate in the college ranks. However, from 1922 to 1957, the team rose swiftly to prominence, recruiting all over the country and winning multiple national championships. This was when tickets for Alabama Crimson Tide football really began to take off and the play on the field and the commerce off it became truly synergistic.

After a brief stretch of being one of the worst teams in the Southeastern Conference, Paul William “Bear” Bryant came to the Crimson Tide program and began coaching the team in 1958. While the most people didn’t know it in his first three seasons, a juggernaut was being built that would dominate the next decade of college football. Between 1961, Bryant’s fourth season as head coach, and 1966, Alabama Crimson Tide went 60-5-1, winning 3 national championships, four SEC championships and had two undefeated seasons. During this time tickets to Alabama Crimson Tide football became the most important ticket in the state and cheap Alabama Crimson Tide football tickets were virtually unheard of.

The Seventies were not much different for Alabama football, and the Alabama Crimson Tide football tickets remained as valuable as ever. They won eight more SEC titles and three national championships in that time, with Bear Bryant being almost universally considered one of the best coaches in the game. With the exception of a national championship in the 90’s, Alabama’s return to dominance wouldn’t come until the last decade, when Nick Saban took control of the team and made it one of the most dominant in the country once again. Today, tickets to Alabama Crimson Tide football remain at a premium and if you are a fan or live in the state, should be purchased whenever you get a chance. At the very least, you can almost guarantee they will be one of the best teams in the country.

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