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Eden's Edge might sound like the name of a metal band, but this trio actually performs modern country music that also gives a nod to traditional country roots. The group's sound has plenty of old-fashioned twang, thanks to the inclusion of a mandalin and banjo, but the lyrics are sassy and the beats have proved successful with the modern pop-like country of country music. The music of Eden's Edge has a sound that fans of Miranda Lambert, who is also popular in the country music scene. Many of the same fans will be clammering for cheap Edens Edge tickets. Fans of the band call themselves "Edgeheads" and have been awaiting for the band's first full-length album since the group won a CMT cotest in 2006 that awarded them with a record label contract.

Eden's Edge consists of members Hannah Blaylock, Dean Berner and Cherrill Green, who are all natives of Arkansas. Their sound not only reflects their Southern roots and loves of nature, but their spirtiual beliefs, too. The band's first full-length album has several songs that, sometimes indirectly, reference God and Christiniaity, which appeals to religious listeners who still enjoy secular music. Despite the religious undertones and bluegrass elements, the music of Eden's Edge retains a fresh feel that young adults will enjoy. The group is already popular with 20-somethings who want to purchase Edens Edge concert tickets.

"Amen" is the band's first single, which they released in late 2011, and shows the group's religious roots. The band followed up with "Too Good to Be True" in the next spring, and their first album, which is self tited, became available in June 2012. Impatient fans can now purchase Edens Edge concert tickets, because the muscians are currently touring the United States, giving the fans who have patiently waited for their big debut the chance of a lifetime--to see them performing live and even meet the members of the band. Venues are already selling out of Edens Edge concert tickets.

Fans can purchase tickets for Edens Edge meet and greets, which the trio has been participating in between performances. This comes as no surprise, because the group have always been grateful to their fans on the official Eden's Edge blog. The group posts detailed explanations for the lyrics to their songs, and this is exactly the type of genuine interaction that encourage consumers to purchase tickets for Edens Edge, because they feel as though the band really appreciates them.

Critics have rated the band's first album highly, and they expect Eden's Edge to become a smashing success on the scene. With a rabid group of fans and two successful songs under their belt, these young musicians are set to have a prosperous musical career, so fans should scoop up cheap Edens Edge tickets, because it won't be long before tickets for Edens Edge are expensive to purchase. It won't take long before fans around the world can purchase cheap Edens Edge tickets to see their favorite band live.

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