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The Atlanta Falcons are the professional football team for Georgia, based in Atlanta. The team belongs to the National Football League (NFL) as well as a member of the South Division of the National Football Conference (NFC). The Atlanta Falcons first joined the NFL in 1965 when they were known as an expansion team, when their team owner wanted to avoid joining the rival football league, the American Football League (AFL). As of 2012, the Atlanta Falcons have been around for 45 years, have a record of 298-402-6, and division championships in 1980, 1998, 2004, and 2010. There has never been a better time to get cheap Atlanta Falcons football tickets for sale.

The Atlanta Falcons play their home games as well as train out of their football headquarters located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, in a site called the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome is a famous site in the state of Georgia, ever since it was constructed in 1999. The Georgia Dome includes the 78,000 square feet headquarters for training and playing games by the Atlanta Falcons, as well as including the team’s corporate offices, training room, locker room facilities, auditorium that seats 140 people, meeting rooms, and a 90,000 square foot practice facility that is indoors and heated. The 50-acre site of the Georgia Dome also includes a complete kitchen and dining facilities for the team’s meals, as well as three outdoor football fields made of natural turf, featuring advanced technology. Cheap Atlanta falcons tickets should be on your list because of all that is there waiting for you.

Surprisingly enough, the Atlanta Falcon’s biggest fan base, aside from fans in Georgia, is in western North Carolina. This is due mainly to the fact that North Carolina’s Panthers have only been a team since the 1996, so before this date, residents of North Carolina stood behind the Atlanta Falcon’s. Many of the die-hard fans continue to support the Falcons so hotels near Atlanta Falcons football games may have limited availability. The majority of their North Carolina-fans are based west of Interstate 26, from Asheville to Murphy, whereas the East of Interstate 26 fans are in somewhat a neutral zone. One of the most famous team members of the Atlanta Falcons, Deion Sanders, also played baseball for the New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves, and the Cincinnati Reds. Atlanta Falcon Football tickets won't be found cheaper elsewhere on the net.

What many fans and other individuals who follow football will most recognize about the Atlanta Falcons, is their memorable logo. The logo was designed in 2003, and features a falcon in red and silver accented colors, with the falcon’s head drawn in such a way that is looks like the letter “F”. As is evident by the logo colors, the Atlanta Falcon’s team colors are red, silver, black and white, and their team mascot is Freddie Falcon, which is a beloved mascot among the Atlanta Falcon’s biggest fans and supporters.

The Atlanta Falcons got their team name from a fan contest that allowed all of their previous fans to try and come up with their new football team name. The winner ended up being a Griffin, Georgia schoolteacher by the name of Miss Julia Elliott, who came up with the falcon. Her name was chosen, because her reason for the falcon was that the bird never dropped its prey. Don't drop your chance of seeing the Atlanta Falcons, purchase your Falcons tickets here today.

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