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US Womens Soccer Tickets

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About US Womens Soccer

The US Women’s National Soccer Team is extremely successful. They have won many titles including the Women’s World Cup, Olympic Gold Medals, and CONCACAF Gold Cups. This is a team that will surely bring their A-game to the field. Grab your cheap US Women’s National Soccer Team tickets to see these ladies take it to the field!

The Beginning

The team began in 1985, when Mike Ryan was given the responsibility to select college aged players to compete in the 1985 Mundialito tournament in Italy. This original team finished in fourth place but sparked a push to continue achieving greatness. Anson Dorrance then took over as manager to continue finding great players for future tournaments. Under his management, he gave the starts to careers of many players like Mia Hamm, Julie Foudy, and Kristine Lilly. In 1988, plans for a new women’s tournament called 1st FIFA World Championship for Women’s Football for the M&M’s Cup came to fruition. This is known as the World Cup. This was a pivotal moment for the US team, as they qualified for the tournament after winning a game in CONCACAF 1991, beating their opponent 49-0.  Over the years, the US team has faced many wins and losses, and has housed the careers of many soccer superstars.

Exceeding Expectations

Their numerous triumphs have gotten them extensive media coverage. Both centering in on select players and featuring the team as a whole. Although players have changed over the years, the team’s central objective of heart and dedication has remained the same. With the help of their leadership team, this team has overcome countless obstacles in stride. They have set world records and continue to shock the world. This is a team you won’t want to miss, so be sure to get your cheap US Women’s National Soccer Team tickets while they’re hot!

Victory Lap 2019

The women are back at again, by winning the World Cup France 2019. In the final match, they beat the Netherlands in a nail-biting match of 2-0. That caused for another celebration! The team celebrated their win by engaging in five matches on home soil. This took place after their victory parade that occurred in New York. Their first stop was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on August 3rd to go up against the women of Ireland. Following their August 3rd match, they proceeded their victory lap on August 29th, September 3rd, October 3rd, and October 6th. This is a team whose hard work and dedication is shown on the field but would certainly be incredible to see in person!