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Probably the most unique experience on the Vegas Strip, the Excalibur resort's very own medieval-themed attraction Tournament of Kings provides a first-class reenactment of traditional medieval events like jousting and horse-centric competitions while audience members enjoy a traditional feast served by peasants in-character. Don't look for utensils when your meal arrives- you want find them. This is truly an in-depth medieval experience. Featuring a production that includes a dozen horse breeds and over 30 actors performing amazing feats in the medieval style, the Tournament of Kings is perfect for the fan of knights and ancient battles in your family or group. But even for the uninitiated, Tournament of Kings will win over audience members of all ages and backgrounds with its live-circus approach, or at least with its bountiful feast. Exalibur's 900-seat arena is the perfect venue to behold the majestic animals and brave souls who nobly bring entertainment to the masses in a grand but still intimate arena that allows every seat to feel close to the action. Don't miss your chance to take a trip back in time to the period of chivalry, honor, and battle- find cheap tickets for Las Vegas' most noble attraction today.

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