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About Tori Amos

An undisputed musical virtuoso with a dynamic, curious approach to songwriting, Tori Amos has charmed the world for decades. With her charismatic performances, adoration of her fans, and unpredictable set lists, Rolling Stone readers dubbed her the fifth best touring act. Don't miss out on hearing this phenomenal artist live! Snag your cheap Tori Amos tickets today before they all disappear!

Purity of passion with worldwide reach
Myra Amos demonstrated musical genius as soon as she could pull herself up to the piano. At three, she was writing her own music, and two years later she was invited to the Peabody Conservatory of Music. The relationship, however, was a rocky one, as Amos veered away from classical music towards the rebellious, rule-breaking nature of rock. After performing on the local D.C. circuit, Amos moved out to Los Angeles. Armed with a deal from Atlantic Records, Tori Amos released Little Earthquakes in 1992, a successful introduction to mainstream listeners. Over the years, Tori Amos has delved into diverse genres, eclectic recording styles, and a myriad of issues, from laying down harpsichord in an Irish church to reflecting on loss through dance beats and vocal washes to crafting a concept album driven by her 'alter egos.' Tori Amos has boldly untangled her experiences and opinions on sexuality, gender, spirituality, and social issues in her albums, stirring up strong reactions in listeners.

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