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One of the brightest names in jazz, Tony Bennett has wooed with world with his smooth and powerful voice. With over 50 million records sold, nearly 20 Grammy Awards, and two Emmys, Tony Bennett's legacy is irrefutable. Pick up your cheap Tony Bennett tickets here for your chance to see this living legend!

The swell of an unforgettable voice
Born in New York City, Tony Bennett grew up deeply immersed in jazz, vaudeville, and show tunes. He was relentless in his pursuit of music, working as a singing waiter before being drafted into the army for World War II. After the war, Tony Bennett made his name in pop with "Because of You," his first big hit. He quickly became famous for his charismatic nightclub performances. Even Frank Sinatra lauded him as one of the greatest singers of the era, his performances communicating all the emotion and passion intended by the songwriters. However, in an attempt to embrace the growing contemporary rock movement, Tony Bennett faltered. It wasn't until he returned to his signature jazz style, promoting himself to younger audiences through late night talk shows, that his popularity surged again.

Now in his 90s, Tony Bennett is still a god among men. There are few singers who perform with the artistry and passion of Tony Bennett. But the question of how long he can continue to perform live lingers in the air, so it's best to get your cheap Tony Bennett tickets today before you miss your chance completely!

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