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About The Wailers

The rhythm of Bob Marley carries on with The Wailers, and fans can still revel in the groovy music. Be part of the dancing, swaying crowd by picking up your cheap The Wailers tickets today!

Dipping into reggae nostalgia

The Wailers have always been a part of Bob Marley's legacy, even after his tragic death in 1981. The musicians decided to continue on as The Wailers, helmed by Aston Barrett and Junior Marvin. For years they toured the world, finally coming out with their first album without Marley, I.D., in 1989. In the 1990s they released two more records, Majestic Warriors and JAH Message. They've also collaborated with artists from diverse genres, including John Denver, Kenny Chesney, Joe Yamanaka, and Mohamed Mounir. The Wailers are perhaps best known for their live albums, which nearly capture the good vibes of being there yourself. But nothing compares with actually attending a Wailers concert. In 2014 The Wailers went on an epic worldwide tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Catch a Fire, the best selling reggae album ever.

Be part of the reggae party! While Bob Marley may be gone, The Wailers memorialize him at every concert. Relive the best music of the 1970s by snagging your cheap The Wailers tickets here!