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About The Humans

The Humans enchanted listeners around the world with their inventive new take on electro indie rock. With a loyal fan base, cheap The Humans tickets vanish quickly. Get yours today and experience the intimate feel of The Humans' powerful live shows.

The success of an experiment
The Humans was created by experienced musicians who were excited to try something new and experimental. English singer Toyah Wilcox was the mastermind behind the group. She reached out to Chris Wong and former REM drummer Bill Rieflin to complete the group. The trio is the core of the group, with Toyah's vocals supported by Wong and Rieflin both on bass. Other musicians and instruments can be incorporated in, but the focus of The Humans is the raw expression of the vocals. The Humans started their career playing sold-out concerts in Estonia at the invitation of the Estonian president. In 2009 they released their debut album, We are the Humans. Shortly after they produced a sultry twist on Nancy Sinatra's classic "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." The single was used by the BBC during the World Cup, spreading The Humans' music around the world.

Sometimes eerie, sometimes surprising, always passionate, the music of The Humans will sweep you away. Pick up your cheap The Humans tickets today and prepare yourself to be entranced at their hypnotizing live shows!

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