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Played annually on New Year’s Day, The Rose Bowl game is one of the most prestigious and thrilling events in college sports. Due to the nature of the event, tickets sell out fast to dedicated college football fans. Get your cheap tickets here now to secure your seat at one of the highest attended college sporting events in history! You do not want to be at home watching this highly anticipated game on TV!


The Rose Bowl was founded in 1902, as a tournament game between the Eastern and Western divisions. The game has been played every year on New Year’s Day since 1916, and because of its long consecutive playing record it became known as "The Granddaddy of Them All". Currently held in the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California, this postseason event has long been a critical factor in determining each season's national champion. This makes match-ups at the Rose Bowl even more fierce and fans even more raucous. Generally, the Rose Bowl hosts each winner from the Big Ten and Pacific-12 conferences but has been known to feature teams from other conferences as well if the need to determine a national champion creates a more sought-after match-up.

Starting in 2015, the Rose Bowl began a rotation with other bowl games; meaning that one year the bowl will host a semifinal game and then a final game for two consecutive years, making a ticket to a finals Rose Bowl an increasingly rare treasure.

2020 Rose Bowl

In 2020, Oregon and Wisconsin were selected and matched up for the game. The game occurred on January 1st, 2020 and was broadcast on ESPN. Prior to being selected for the game, the Oregon Ducks won the Pacific-12 championship with a victory against Utah 37-15. This game at the Bowl was the eighth appearance for the Ducks in the Rose Bowl, and in this decade alone they have played in it four times. The Wisconsin Badgers made their tenth overall appearance at the Bowl in 2019, and their performance was also their fourth in the decade- except they failed to take home a win in their previous match-ups. In 2012, these two teams went head to head in the Rose Bowl. It made for an intense, edge of your seat game, with the final score of 45-38. Don’t miss seeing how the game goes down when they go head to head in 2019.

Don't miss your opportunity to see one of the most legendary games in college sports at its most legendary venue. There's no wrong reason to find yourself in sunny Pasadena watching a fierce competition between of some of the best college athletes. Buy cheap tickets to see the Rose Bowl today!

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