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About Rhett and Link

While anyone can get fifteen minutes of fame these days, it takes someone special to establish a lasting presence on the shifting sands of the Internet. Rhett and Link have commanded the digital sphere with their good-natured charisma and remarkable talent. Pick up your cheap Rhett and Link tickets here to experience these Internet comedy kings live!

From recess detention to Internet stars
Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln "Link" Neal's first meeting has become the source of legend – and fodder for their comedy. As a punishment for doodling during class in first grade, the two boys were forced to sit through recess. They ended up doodling through detention together, sparking a life-long partnership. As teenagers they delved into film, music, and comedy. Over the years, their budding collaboration would lead them to quit their jobs as engineers and pursue musical comedy through YouTube, where they've built up a devoted following. Their webshow Good Mythical Morning began in 2013 and since then has racked up over 3 billion views. Songs like "The Facebook Song," "2 Guys, 600 Pillows," and a cover of "All Night Long" (sung literally all night long) have made Rhett and Link Internet kings. In 2011 they collected their first Webby Award, though since then several more have been added to their collection.

With quick wits and killer improv skills, Rhett and Link live shows are hilariously surprising. Get your cheap Rhett and Link tickets here for an uproarious evening!

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